Havelock visits Eastern Guilford on Saturday

HAVELOCK - There are a lot of common bonds between Havelock basketball players Aniylah Bryant and NyAsia Blango.

After all, the two share the same bloodline, as their mothers Sharon and Sherry are twins.

Another thing they share is the high level of basketball talent that has made them already a 1,000-point career scorer (Bryant) and a surefire to be 1,000-point scorer in Blango.

Even though they are cousins, both say the may as well be sisters just like their mothers.

"We act like sisters, we feel like sisters," Bryant said. "We're very supportive of each other and our family is very supportive but NyAsia and I also love to compete against one another too. We go against each other all the time in practice."

Bryant said having her cousin the same age as her and being on the Rams' together has made this experience of playing high school basketball extra special.

"Yeah it's great, we just make each other better," Bryant said.

Both Bryant and Blango said that their family has always been about basketball and is very interested in sports.

They said their moms talk to them all the time about their games.

"All the time, on the way home from the games, on the way to school the next morning, all the time," Blango said. "Playing with Aniylah, I always know where she is going to be and what she is thinking."

The bond between the two has seemingly spread through the rest of the team.

"We've all been playing together for a long time now so the chemistry between us all is great," Bryant said. "Our younger players are gaining a lot of confidence and coming along."

Blango also gives a lot of credit to her father for helping her develop and work on her game.

The two have been playing basketball as long as they can remember, whether it be in the yard at home or on the court at Havelock.

Tuesday night, Bryant scored 22 and Blango put in 15 as the Rams beat Northwood in the opening round of the state playoffs after winning the Coastal 3A Conference championship game by knocking off Jacksonville a weekend ago.

Thursday night, they helped the Rams win a second-round playoff game at East Wake that made the team's record on the year 21-2.

Saturday, they will hit the road again to travel to Eastern Guilford for a third-round matchup.

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