Flakes flew throughout state championship game

About 45 minutes before Havelock kicked off against Charlotte Catholic, the rain that had been falling changed to snow.

The flakes fell throughout much of the state 3A championship game Saturday in Durham, but neither team seemed to mind. The snow didn’t accumulate on the field, and only a couple of times did it impact a player’s footing.

“I don’t think it really impacted us much,” Havelock linebacker Solomon Beligotti said. “It felt great playing in the snow.”

Playing in the snow was unique to most of the players, who seemed to embrace it.

“When we saw the snow, we were all excited,” Charlotte Catholic offensive lineman Jacob Smith said. “I’ve never played a game in snow, and we were just ready to go. We come out and play physical, hard football. We saw the snow, no one thought we weren’t going to come out and play Charlotte Catholic football. The snow definitely helped us.”

Though Havelock lost the game 28-14, the players also embraced the weather. It didn’t seem to impact senior quarterback Zach Sabdo, who threw for 207 yards and a touchdown.

“Not too many people can say they played their last high school football game in the snow, so that was fun for us,” he said.