President Trump says “blame the Democrats” for the fact that we don’t have proper immigration laws. The last time I checked, the Republicans control both houses of Congress. Now who is to blame??

Buzzard has lost her/his bearings with, "Freedom of conscience was criminalized by the Obama administration and the results -- anarchy." Anarchy? Say what? Compared to today's (president)?

The lottery really is a tax on people who are really bad at math!

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo stated the most important lesson from hurricane Florence: “as a coastal community we need to re-double our efforts to build infrastructure that can last....” This should include a category 5 hurricane.

Poor Celia Rivenbark. She mocks Stockholm Syndrome in Oct. 21 column, yet she is a victim of the incurable malady know as Donald Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Weekends without golf sucks. Relegated to NASCAR.

With so many people in our area still in need of assistance, why would Women Organizing for Wilmington waste $1,000+ for Trump blimp?

It's time to bring back the electric chair and use it. The senseless murder of Trooper Conner and hundreds of other respectable people is unacceptable.

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Dare send these, the homeless to me, I shall turn them back and shout "No more!" -- DJT

Remember when U.S. meant us? Now it’s all about Trump. I want parties to work together, but POTUS divides us. Please vote for us. Rouzer is a Trumpette

Moms and dads, our country’s moral center is so low that our children risk growing up with an ill- conceived understanding of morality. Please stand up and vote against immorality. Protect children.

Israeli security squad caught on camera not long ago leaving the scene of an assassination. Dismissed by media. Now a foreign national working for WaPo is getting weeks of coverage?

Reading a book where an insufferable art expert is labeled as "a man who could strut standing still." Gee, who in elected politics does that remind me of? You, too?

David Sink’s approach to hurricane preparedness is to upgrade infrastructure and higher business code standards. Rabon’s is to put money into the rainy day fund. Prepare vs. repair? Voters decide!

Caravan of God's children fleeing violence and oppression; seeking safety and opportunity, heading toward so-called Christian US. Will there be sermons in US telling members to love, pray for, and accept them?

On global warming, believe the scientists or believe the politicians, lobbyists, and lawyers. Your choice. ...

Thank you, StarNews, for the rest of the guardian angel story on Oct. 20.

Why does Trump have such a compulsion to constantly lie? Truly pathological. Americans are at risk during a crisis following a liar.

For those still keening over the appointment of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, note that the role of the Supreme Court isn't to succor the tired, poor or huddled masses.

I called the N.C. attorney general to report a scam. After their talking in circles, I finally asked what could they do? Answer: nothing. Waste of time and tax dollars.

With thousands of attorneys in N.C., a "legal opinion" from one is just that -- an opinion. It’s not a judgment. Their money is made going to court to obtain a judgment.