Get real.

Learn from your mistakes and go by the original law.

The Constitution says every man is allowed to have a gun. But it does not say “unless”. One person decides to steal from a store and does something to have conviction of a felony, and they’re not allowed to have a gun?

I’m with the couple hundred people that just hate the violence, kidnapping, drunks and all the other shootings and stuff. But the word goes, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

So no one is allowed to have a gun? Let’s say someone gets five years in prison. After they get out, they should be able to have a gun!

Has any one in the United States of America learned from their mistakes?

Someone steals something from a store and goes to jail. They think, “Well, if I steal such and such, I’ll go back to jail, so I won’t steal it.”

All I’m trying to do is get the point out that people learn from their mistakes and the law makers need to go by the original law. Learn from your mistakes; you will be OK, and should be allowed to have a gun.

Micheal Kidd