Being a Marine goes past the uniform, haircuts and swagger. It's a whole Marine concept. They are a group of exceptional human beings who embody the Corps' ethos of honor, courage and commitment. Now, here is your chance to Meet a Marine.


Name: Cpl. Drake Benton

Age: 21

Hometown: Lima, Ohio

Military Occupational Specialty: 3043, supply administration operation specialist


Cpl. Drake Benton is a supply administration operation specialist assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron (H&HS), Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. He joined the Marine Corps believing that it could provide a foundation to strengthen his confidence and expand his knowledge.


“Initially, my choice was influenced through my peers and close friends as they joined and told me about the benefits the Marine Corps had to offer,” said Benton, 21, from Lima, Ohio. “But what really sold my ticket was the blues!”


Benton joined the Marine Corps in 2016. He has served as a rifleman and color bearer for the H&HS color guard for more than two years; claiming both billets have provided him with honorable and memorable moments.


“One of my best highlights at Cherry Point is participating in the H&HS color guard,” said Benton. “It’s a great honor and responsibility and only those who are motivated are able to successfully carry out a tradition that’s been around for generations.”


Every couple of years Marines must transition to new installations, as a result, Benton currently has orders to Okinawa, Japan.


“Traveling tends to make me anxious, but the opportunities and the experiences the Marine Corps have to offer are never enough to pass up,” said Benton.