Chistmas lights draped around the eaves or the trees seem to make this time of year special to many. 

As such, the City of Havelock Appearance Commission chooses the winners, in the categories listed below, for the annual Make Havelock Shine contest.

"This year is special because despite the loss of property and damage from hurricane Florence, our community continues to stay strong and decorate to Make Havelock Shine for our community," said Michele Leo, chair of the Havelock Appearance Commission. 

But really, don't take our word for how beautiful these lights are; go check them out. It's either that or clean up the mountains of wrapping paper left behind from all those Christmas presents. Maybe tee up Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song" as you drive by some of these wonderful homes. 

Anyway, to the folks whose patron saint may be Clark Griswold from the movie "Christmas Vacation" where he is tolling long and hard putting up those lights, cheers to you! 

Here are award winners: 

John and Tiffany Oliver of 210 Belltown Rd won for the Carolina Christmas category.

Eddie and Amanda Hesson of 499 Arnold Court won for the Religious Theme category.

Hugh, Elvie and Francis Brewer of 115 Joseph Drive won the Joyce Blackburn Award. 

Jeff Fedyna family of 104 Catbird Lane won the Techno Christmas category.  

Brian Johnson and Rico Abreu of 101 Joseph Drive won the Children's theme category. 

Will Barber of Playback Arcade at 241 W. Main St. gets a thumbs up too!