In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, one of the worst storms North Carolina has seen, Havelock High School band director Jorge Benitez has a good friend offering help from the damage the storm has caused.

Band Director John Boyd, from Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach brought two 25-foot band trailers full of donations to Havelock High School on Sept. 24. They left Virginia Beach at 2 p.m., and gave themselves a five hour window to arrive in Havelock, according to a press release.

 A crew of Havelock Marching Rams band and guard students and parents were at HHS to offload the donations and reload them onto Havelock Marching Rams' 20- and 24-foot trailers.

Volunteers met at 6:30 p.m. Monday night.

Via email the Havelock High School Band Director, Jorge Benetiz answered relevant questions about the relief effort and why a school as far away in Virginia Beach got involved.

“I am good friends with their band director John Boyd. The HHS band has competed at their band fall competition they host. Mr. Boyd has been an adjudicator at some of our district band events,” Benetiz said.

Benetiz also said the volunteers bringing the trailers down would be John Boyd and parents of the band students.

Everyone needs true friends, especially in times of need. Benetiz said that Boyd had faced problems with a storm himself, but wasn’t specific on which hurricane it was.

“They were disseminated two years ago from a storm and Mr. Boyd talked to me about the donations they received from many places but they were overwhelmed by North Carolina Generosity.”