The city of Havelock is temporarily switching its water supply to Craven County as a main line near the Havelock water treatment plant is repaired.

City of Havelock water customers may notice a change in the water because of the differences in disinfectants used by the county and the city, according to a release from the city.

The emergency water line repair to fix a leak began Friday and is expected to last two to three days. The city has issued a purchase order to Cieszko Construction Company for $10,000, with the final cost to be determined.

During the process of the switch, Havelock will stop its water production and will have Craven County supply water to city of Havelock customers. During the change, customers may notice an increase in chlorine taste and smell, according to the release.

The city plans on testing chlorine levels throughout the process to ensure the water is safe. Once the line repairs are complete, the city will then flush the system of Craven County water and return the Havelock water supply back through the system.

This flushing may result in minor discoloration of water, according to the release. If that occurs, customers should flush water through their faucets for several minutes. If discoloration persists, customers should call the public services department at 444-6409 or 670-0663.

Havelock customers who use drinking water in fish aquariums or for kidney dialysis should continue to remove the residual traces of ammonia and chlorine from the water prior to use, according to the release. Fish owners can contact their pet supply stores, while kidney patients can speak to healthcare providers should they be concerned.

For more information, call 444-6409, 444-6404 or 444-6420.