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Q: Are there any restaurants in town, besides pizza shops, that deliver food to the elderly? I don’t mean free, it’s just hard for us to get out, so it would be nice to order a meal and have it delivered. — E.C., Fayetteville

A: Carrabba’s Italian Grill on Sycamore Dairy Road recently started a delivery service for customers within a 10-minute drive of the restaurant. Delivery is available after 4 p.m. Order online via or call 910-486-9300.

The two Panera Bread restaurants in Fayetteville also offer delivery (although they don't cover the entire city). Order at or call 910-488-8453 for the Ramsey Street location and 910-689-9955 for the Skibo Road location.

The Fay To Go Restaurant Delivery company says it makes deliveries for roughly three dozen restaurants of all kinds in and around Fayetteville. Pick the restaurant and place your order at or call 910-339-6781.

The SpeedWaiter delivery service is similar to FayToGo. It lists more than 60 Fayetteville-area restaurants. Visit or call 910-446-3001.

Whichever service you use, be sure to ask about delivery charges. Some also charge extra for telephone orders, so order online or via a smartphone app if you can to save some money.

And despite the delivery charges, some of the services don't pay the drivers for their gasoline or their vehicle wear-and-tear, so tips of 15 to 20 percent are appreciated.


Paul Woolverton


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