The Havelock Board of Commissioners voted to allocate money for the next phase of development for the Historic Slocum Creek Park during its meeting on Monday night.

The city had received word that it had received a Coastal Area Management Act for the fifth phase of the project, which includes the extension of an asphalt driveway to Woodland Drive, pervious concrete parking spaces and education signs about the site.

The city was required to put up $35,750 of its own money to receive the $107,250 in state funds for the project. Commissioners voted 4-1 on a resolution that would appropriate the money from the city’s reserve funds and accept the provisions of the state grant. Commissioner Jim Kohr was the lone dissenting vote.

The park is located off Church Road in Havelock. It currently includes picnic tables in an open area on a bluff with a view of Slocum Creek as well as a pathway to the water where a kayak launch is located.

In November, the city moved forward with the fourth phase of the project, despite a $77,000 budget deficit for the work. The city had received $148,500 CAMA grant that was going to be used to help pay for construction of restroom facilities, a patio area, improved access to the kayak launch and utility improvements. However, the lowest bid on the work was $215,000.

Commissioners voted unanimously to take $77,000 from the city’s reserve funds to make up the difference, fearing that a rejection of the CAMA grant for the fourth phase of the project could jeopardize any future state grants to help pay for the project.