Outage affected Tucker Creek, MacDonald Downs subdivisions

An emergency water line repaired prompted a water system outage in parts of western Havelock on Thursday, and residents are being encouraged to boil their water.

The areas affected include the Tucker Creek and MacDonald Downs subdivisions as well as 557, 568, 564, 562 and 558 West Main St., according to a release from the city of Havelock.

Residents are encouraged to run their water for at least two minutes before using to ensure the pipes contain fresh water. Water that is used for human consumption is encouraged to be boiled for at least one minute. Showering or bathing in the water is safe, according to the release.

Lab tests on the water are expected Thursday or Friday, at which point the recommendations will be lifted if the water is determined to be clean.

The situation has prompted Tucker Creek Middle School to close on Thursday, according to parents who have received the information via phone calls from Craven County Schools and the school's Facebook page.

For more information, call the Havelock Public Services Department at 444-6409.