School graduates 254 seniors

Havelock High School graduated 254 seniors during its commencement on Saturday morning. Here’s a capsule look at graduation.

Valedictorian: Brett Alexander Rayfield

Quote from the Valedictorian: “Some of you might feel nervous or scared as you face the changes taking place in your life. But change is not something to be feared, for it is neither good nor bad. It is unpredictable, yet expected, and most importantly, it can be directed. … Everything you do has the power to change something. And we are all of the perfect age to begin changing the world. It doesn’t take experience, intelligence or charisma to change anything. All it takes is courage and determination. … Change is not easy, but your dreams and passions are worth the hard work.”

Salutatorian and Senior Class President: Jacob Clinton Rowe

Quote from the Salutatorian: “Our parents are probably going through a rough time watching us grow up and graduate. When we leave the house, our parents will no longer have to pay for us, no longer have to put up with our smart comments, and they will be getting a new gym out of our room. Looking at it that way, shouldn’t we be the ones who are sad, not the other way around?

Student Council President: Alyssa Lenai Brashear

Quote from the Student Council President: “Whether high school flew by for you or was a total disaster, it’s officially over now. We are the legendary class of 2017 with undeniable Ram pride that continues shining through each and every one of us. … As we give our thanks to friends, families and teachers, let’s not forget to thank God, who has guided this class to unbelievable heights and given us the ability to conquer the world. Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart, and remember, the best is yet to come. Once a Ram, always a Ram.”

Quote from Principal Jeff Murphy: “I’m extremely proud of the class of 2017 and I applaud their many accomplishments during the last four years. Havelock High School is an outstanding school that is located in a great city. … The class seated before me is filled with exceptional young people who possess a variety of talents, aptitudes and skills. Each of them worked diligently toward the goal of graduation from high school. They are an extraordinary group of young men and women, and working with them has been a distinct pleasure.”

Of Note: Havelock High graduated two sets of twins on Saturday, Jacob Edwin and Jordan Edwin Harraden, and Jessie Rebecca and Mary Elisabeth McClenney.

Of Note: Principal Jeff Murphy’s daughter Katie served as the chief marshal of the ceremony. The honor of chief marshal goes to the high school junior who has the highest grade point average.