Durham Democrat was a Marine and Marine reservist

Gov. Roy Cooper has selected N.C. Rep. Larry Hall to be the head of the state’s Department of Veterans and Military Affairs.

Hall, a democrat who represents Durham, served 16 years in the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserves. He had served on the Veterans Affairs Committee in the N.C. House.

“Larry Hall is a true public servant who understands the issues facing North Carolina military service members and veterans, both from personal experience and as a policy maker,” Cooper said in a statement.

Hall graduated from Johnson C. Smith University and earned his law degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is a resident of Durham.

He served two terms as the House Democratic leader but had announced his plans to step down from that position entering the 2017 session of the General Assembly. He has been a member of the House since winning election in 2006.

“I am honored to continue my service to the people of this state in another capacity,” Hall said in a statement. “I come from a multiple military family – the Marines, the Army, and the Air Force – and I have an inherent love, appreciation, and respect for the military and our veterans.

“Understanding what we owe our military and veterans in this state and understanding the impact of the military and veterans on this state, we will be working to ensure that, not just our military and veterans but their families as well receive the best care and the best access. We will do all we can to ensure their position is recognized as an economic leader in the state and to ensure that position is preserved and advanced. I am happy to be on the team to move North Carolina forward with our new governor.”