One man was shot twice and another was on the run in an incident Monday evening west of Havelock.

Havelock Police and Craven County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a small complex of mobile homes off Sunset Drive after neighbors reported that a man had been shot about 5:15 p.m.

Cheyenne Price said she was at her home at 930B Sunset Drive standing on the porch talking with her husband and friends when a man came and asked for help.

“He came running to the neighbor’s house banging on the door,” said Price. “The neighbor’s didn’t answer so he came here and said ‘Call 911. I’ve been shot.”

Price wasn’t sure of the man’s name but said he was a 22-year-old black man.

“He was shot twice, once in the pelvic area and through the right butt cheek and then the other was in the arm. It ricocheted off the bone,” said Price.

Price said the man was bleeding badly from the wound in his posterior.

“The back side was gushing pretty bad blood. It was actually an exit wound, so,” said Price.

Price and her husband, a Marine with basic first responder skills,  rendered aid to the young man who had been shot.

“He was getting weak,” said Price. “But he was conscious when they took him away. He was terrified and he kept asking me ‘Am I going to die?”

The Havelock Fire and Rescue Department responded to the residence to tend to the injured man, who was taken to CarolinaEast Medical Center.

According to Price, the man who had been shot reported to the couple that he had had an argument with the other man over the rent for a trailer nearby at 932 Sunset Drive, which is approximately 300 feet away.

“They got into an argument and he pulled a gun and shot him twice with a handgun,” said Price.

After the shooting, the alleged shooter took off running through the woods and for a time, deputies and police were searching through nearby woods.

The shooter reportedly ran through the neighborhood.

Police believe the shooter managed to get a red passenger car and flee.

As of press time, the man had not been identified and had not been taken into custody.

The condition of the man who had been shot is not known.

Sunset Drive is off Greenfield Heights Boulevard and falls within the jurisdiction of Craven County. A representative of the Craven County Sheriff’s Office said he was conducting the investigation into the shooting at the trailer.