$1.2 million project could be done by middle of April

All 60 rooms on three floors of the Hampton Inn of Havelock are being stripped to bare walls and refurbished in a $1.2 million renovation.

Anand Maheshwari, who recently came onboard as the new manager at the hotel, said all rooms in the hotel will be affected.

“Basically those rooms have been stripped down to the walls and everything that it takes to finish a room, new furniture, new carpet, new bathroom, new artwork, new lighting. Everything is coming out first and refinishing to a new like status,” Maheshwari said. “We call it the Forever Young Initiative. It’s the Hampton’s very important initiative to meet the needs of all the generations, whether it’s boomers, whether it’s millennials, or whether it is X or Y. That’s the reason that they are calling it that. It will never get old with anybody.”

The hotel opened in 2001 and has undergone minor renovations from time to time, but not to this extent.

Maheshwari said that when the hotel opened everything was new.

“We like to keep it up, basically and meet the changing needs of our guests, whether it is television programming, or refrigerators or microwaves,” he said.

He pointed to the lobby of the hotel, which was renovated two years ago.

“They call it a ‘Perfect Mix Lobby,’ a perfect mix of uses,” Maheshwari said. “In the morning it is a breakfast area. By this time we are sitting and doing our work. By evening the mood slightly changes and the lights are off and the candle lights come on. People can sit down and have a chat.”

The rooms being renovated are scattered throughout the hotel in an attempt to not inconvenience guests.

“That becomes a challenge to keep it operating and not let our guests feel that it is such a mess,” Maheshwari said. “If you walk around you may not even know that something is going on except for the few rooms that are open and the workers are doing the work. It is very important to keep it open for the simple reason that the guests are already booked in the rooms.”

The outdoor pool is being reworked and new tiles are being placed around the deck that are designed to be more comfortable on the feet of customers on hot summer days.

“We are putting a new surface on it and it will stay cool even in those high temperatures,” he said.

A self-monitoring system will be installed on the pool using salt to sanitize the pool.

“Basically it makes chlorine from salt which disinfects the water,” he said.

The exterior of the building is also being repainted with different color scheme and will soon be the color of stone. LED lights are being attached to the walls to accentuate the architecture. New landscaping will also be added around the structure.

Elks Land Care of New Bern is doing the landscaping. Just Models Incorporated of Winston-Salem is the general contractor for the overall renovation, which was designed by Pam Ellis and Associates of Axton, Va. The work is expected to be done by the middle of April.

The Hampton Inn employs 21 people.