Bane honored by Hope for the Warriors

Cathy Bane, the physical education teacher at Annunciation Catholic School in Havelock, received national recognition from the Hope for the Warriors organization last week in Washington.

Bane has been a volunteer for the organization and said the honor brought her to tears.

“I was pretty taken aback,” she said. “I’ve been working with Hope for the Warriors for a while. I reached out to them after I did a run after I had an experience in the Army. I was sexually assaulted and I was looking for an organization. I reached out to them and they responded right away and I just started working with them. Their volunteers and their staff were just amazing. I went on a women’s retreat with them.”

Bane was honored at the organization’s Got Heart, Give Hope Celebration.

“We have just been very active in their recreation and sports, and just over the last couple of years, they have really become a family for us,” Bane said of the group. “This past spring they had some training for their staff and I went and spoke about my experience, and they have just been very instrumental in getting my voice heard and bringing awareness to this problem that the military has as far as helping other people. After that, I guess the staff was just moved by me sharing my story and they nominated me to receive this award.”

Bane, a native of Wisconsin, has lived in Craven County since 2008. She is married to Raymond Bane, a former Marine now working at the Cherry Point Fire Department. The couple has three children, Faith, John and Brock.

Bane served as a chaplain’s assistant for four years in the Army. She’s been teaching at Annunciation for the past two.

“It’s the most amazing job I could ever have. I think I have the best job in the whole school,” she said. “I get to play with kids all day and teach them about how amazing their bodies are and teach them that their bodies are capable of doing anything when they treat them the way they are supposed to be treated.

“To see them is an inspiration to me. They have kept personal goals, and the more they realize what they are capable of, the more eager they are to come and learn every day.”

Bane said every adult needs to work with children at some point.

“You get so motivated over their love for life,” she said. “You can’t tell a kid they can’t. They are just going to keep trying to figure out a way and it’s just inspirational.”

Bane and her family continue to participate in Hope for the Warrior events, and she said the recent recognition was well received.

“It was completely an honor,” she said. “Hope for the Warriors is just an amazing organization that we’ve been blessed to be a part of. The award itself and the couple that came after us, their story is just amazing. To stand on that stage with the other women, I was just completely humbled and inspired by them as well.”

Hope for the Warriors is a nonprofit organization that offers support programs for service members, veterans and military families that focus on transition to civilian life, health and wellness, peer engagement and connections to community resources, according to its website. More information is available at