I never watch MTV, but sometimes news recaps show video clips about award recipients or about clothing stars “almost” wore

I never watch MTV, but sometimes news recaps show video clips about award recipients or about clothing stars “almost” wore. I think I once saw one girl in a gown-less evening strap.

So it was a few days ago when I caught a tidbit that made me wince and grin at the same time. Rapper Kanye West announced his candidacy for president in 2020!

I shook my head and filed that little item in the nimrod box. But as I thought about it, I realized perhaps my initial reaction of it being beyond ridiculous was flawed.

Kanye as president isn’t so much of a leap given how far Obama and the Democrats have dumbed-down the nation. If in doubt, look at news items from one day!

-- 300,000 veterans died waiting for VA health care, according to the new Inspector General report.

-- An ex-Clinton aide called to testify before a congressional committee will plead “The Fifth” to all questions. Does that mean he’ll use the constitutional protection in response to ridiculously innocuous questions such as, “What is your name?” What a boil Hillary has turned out to be. Has she invented “political pus?”

-- Obama was successful in garnering the votes to protect his Iranian nuke deal against the wishes of a huge majority of Americans. I don’t blame him, he is what he is. However, I do blame his zombie posse in Congress who were once presumably “normal” people.

-- Adding drama to this week’s “Bachelor” news, a teaser (no pun intended) asked the question, “Will contestant lose virginity on TV?” That piqued my interest but because you can’t take anything literally nowadays it may not happen “on-screen.” Perhaps it means on a big TV — you know one of those long console models — which could work for the coupling therefore making it technically happen “on” TV.

-- Miley Cyrus performed at the MTV circus. She had a wardrobe issue but it couldn’t be classed as a “flash.” With Miley these things tend to be time exposures.

-- I grinned at a headline from Alaska that said “Salmon spawns on Obama’s shoes.” I immediately made a mental note to check my thesaurus for synonyms of “spawn.” I also made a mental note not to eat salmon for a while as a personal reward to the species.

-- I saw that a police officer was denied service at an Arby’s in Florida. I’m chalking it up to some idiot individual. However, if I find out it’s a reflection of corporate mentality, a’ la Starbucks, I’ll start permanently satisfying my raging roast beef habit elsewhere.

-- A courthouse clerk went to jail because she wouldn’t issue same-sex marriage licenses. I didn’t know licenses had a “sex.” When I get home I’ll compare my driver’s license with my wife Ann’s just to satisfy my curiosity.

-- Pope Francis is allowing his priests to forgive abortions during Holy Year. I’m not Catholic (actually I’m not anything) but I smiled because it sounded like a religious “mulligan.”

Is it possible that some of those old 1950s science-fiction movies about aliens consuming our brains weren’t total fiction? That couldn’t be … could it?

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