To Havelock, thank you for everything.

To Havelock, thank you for everything. Itís been quite a ride! I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay with you as your information station in Havelock, and will miss this city dearly. Weíve been through a lot, you and I. I always tell newcomers and those looking that Havelock is the BEST place to be in need. Iíve never been in a community that cares so very deeply for their own, whether they were born and raised Havelockians, or transplants.

Together we have laughed, cried, celebrated, grieved, built and rebuilt, mended and struggled. Mother Nature has thrown a little of everything our way since I arrived here in 1990, from the ice storm of 1993 through the snowpocalypse of 2014. Weíre professional at hurricane parties, celebrating the achievements of our young people, and supporting our nationís finest fighting force.

We stood through hurricanes from Bertha and Fran through Floyd, Isabel, to Irene. We watched the generalís building burn and be rebuilt, we watched an aircraft crash where all five on board walked away, we buried friends, neighbors, family and children, and together, learned to treasure each day, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Weíve raised untold thousands of dollars to help families in need. Weíve literally been through drought, wildfire, and war together, praying for and helping those directly affected. Weíve educated and then sent our children to the far corners of the earth to serve and protect those who cannot help themselves. No small accomplishments, any.

I was truly blessed to have lived and worked and raised my family in Havelock. While some may say, ďthereís nothing to do here,Ē I contend that youíre not looking very hard - access to beautiful beaches, not too far from metropolitan areas with all they have to offer, and festivals every weekend within driving distance are just a sampling.

Iíll certainly miss the people, and the fabulous football Fridays. Iíll never be more than a Facebook page away from Havelock.

Thanks for the memories!

Diane H. Miller, Havelock

Editorís note:Miller was the Havelock grants writer and communications coordinator. She left to become Oriental town manager.