It is natural to flee from what we fear.

It is natural to flee from what we fear. It makes sense to get away from anything that may do us harm.

Yet, there are some who can put that fear aside and go toward the danger, and they do it on a daily basis.

Lt. Brian Borton, Sgt. Jim Fahnestock and Officer Loren Boone were shot last week during an altercation with a man who wanted to harm himself.

When the report of a man firing a gun came into the police department, Havelock officers didnít hesitate. They didnít flee. They went toward the danger, putting their own safety and lives at risk.

Borton was at home on his lunch break, but knew the address from where the call came was just a few houses down from where he lived.

Details of exactly what happened inside the room where the three were shot havenít been officially released, but by all accounts, they entered the room to help. They wanted to prevent Berry from harming himself. As a result, they were injured.

The best news is that all will be OK, though Fahnestock required surgery to his left hand where he was shot.

Borton went back to work the next day. He showed up at a Black History Month program at Havelock Middle School, and when Principal Tabari Wallace realized he was there, the program stopped and Wallace recognized Borton, who received strong applause from the students and staff.

We too would like to applaud the efforts of Borton, Fahnestock and Boone, as well as all the officers of the Havelock Police Department. We donít know exactly what it is that prompts them to put themselves into harmís way when everything else says that we should flee. All we know is weíre thankful theyíve got it, and we honor their service and dedication.