What has been happening under this administration is the targeting of the military. By taking away benefits; closing bases and facilities; cutting pensions; denying Purple Hearts; no help with Wounded Warrior Program; closed war memorials; years of waiting in line for veteran benefits with the Veterans Administration; a Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel that just sits back and says nothing in defense of the veterans; our people are slaughtered by terrorists and abandoned; surveillance cameras in the troops barracks ó this is how they are going to slim down the military.

People get mad and their families are all affected. People feel like they are being lied to. People will stop joining. Already the government has a very large civilian force and growing, while the military is shrinking. They will keep messing with the military benefits until they feel they have enough federal officers on their pay role to control the military.

As a former Marine Corps recruiter who ran two enlistment stations, I can see these are some of the challenges that new recruiters are now facing with new enlistments as a result of this administrationís actions.

Richard L. Linck, Havelock