I do not drive that much anymore.

I do not drive that much anymore. I am finding out that at my age and health, a trip beyond New Bern is tiring. However, I had occasion to drive to New Bern a couple of days ago. The first thing I noticed is that the gasoline conglomerate still exists in Havelock. I found out that the price of a gallon of gasoline is up to 10 cents cheaper in the New Bern area than any of the stations in our Havelock.

Now, I am not that educated and I am not a graduate of an eminent Ivy League Business School. Moreover, I am blind in one eye. However, I can still read the prices on the gas station signs and I can see that those prices drop dramatically, as much as 10 cents a gallon, when I drive up route 70 towards New Bern.

The question that immediately comes to my mind is simply why? Is it a cabal among the gas stations in Havelock to increase their prices more or less equally to take advantage of our military and federal workers living here? Is it that the same distributor serves all the stations in our Havelock? I do not have any conclusive answers, just the facts.

All I can humbly suggest is that when you decide to have a meal or shop in the New Bern area, check your gas gauge. If you need to fill up, you might want to consider filling your tank while you are there. You might save up to 10 cents a gallon.

Now, those 10 cents are not worth driving to New Bern every time your gas gauge in your vehicle is registering low, because it probably takes more than 10 cents worth of gas these days to drive to New Bern. However, if you happen to be in the New Bern area, or other areas that you may notice are even cheaper, you might consider filling up there rather than paying the bloated gasoline prices at the gas stations in our Havelock.

Michael P. Hudson, Havelock