Thanksgiving Day 2013, what a day.

Thanksgiving Day 2013, what a day.

The house was full of husbands and wives; brothers and sisters; aunts and uncles; sons and daughters; nieces and nephews; and the one-week-old grandbaby. Mom was cooking in the house, and I, the turkey in the back yard. The dog entertained the kids by playing catch and fetch. It was a good day.

Friday, our sons had previously decided that they and their dad should enjoy a day fishing with Capt. Stacy — 40 miles out. It was a good day.

We finished out Friday evening watching the Rams and listening to the fans cheer the team, and boo the referees — one was as good as the other — and purchasing Mary’s 50-50 raffle tickets. It was a cold evening.

Saturday, now we three — mom, the dog and me — are enjoying the fire place and the silence. Ain’t this great. God bless America.

George Corbin, Havelock