In this day and age, any cause, disease or event seems to have a day, a week, or a month designated to bring attention to it.

In this day and age, any cause, disease or event seems to have a day, a week, or a month designated to bring attention to it. Donít get me wrong. A month to bring attention to breast cancer is a good thing, but weíve taken it a bit too far when we have Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Doughnut Day.

After all, Talk Like a Pirate Day can take away from the seriousness of things like, well for example, North Carolina Earthquake Preparedness Day.

Yep, thatís right. Gov. Pat McCrory has declared today Earthquake Preparedness Day in North Carolina. And we all know the threat earthquakes pose in this state. After all, who can forget the great quake of, well let me see, yeah, the great quake of never happened here.

I donít see how McCrory wasnít chuckling when he wrote in his press release that ď... while they are uncommon, earthquakes do happen here, and it is always best to be prepared.Ē

Sorry governor. Among my least concerns is experiencing a crushing earthquake in this state. Flood? Sure. Hurricane? Definitely. But an earthquake? I donít think so.

Still, McCrory does have me thinking ó thinking about things in my life about which Iím more concerned than earthquakes. So here goes:

-- My fantasy football team. Iíve gotten off to a good start in my league but can I sustain it through the bye weeks and the injuries, and is Robert Griffin III a better play against the Bears this week than Matthew Stafford against the Bengals?

-- Cockroaches. Yep, thatís right. For whatever reason, I have a strange fear of these little creatures, and calling them waterbugs doesnít ease the fear. Itís enough to make me scream like a little girl.

-- Screaming like a little girl.

-- East Carolina football. Really, you lose to Tulane. I mean itís Tulane for heavenís sake.

-- When McDonaldís is going to end its chicken biscuit meal special. Come on, itís only three bucks for a chicken biscuit, hash browns and a drink. How is everyone not concerned about this?

-- Global thermonuclear war. OK, sorry for this one but I just watched the 1980s movie ďWar GamesĒ and itís got me thinking.

-- Bats, the kind that fly not the kind you swing.

-- Finding socks that will stay up on my legs. Seriously, I get so frustrated when socks slide down my leg and gather at the bottom. Itís enough to push out my pants to the point it looks like Iím wearing bell bottoms.

-- My strange fascination with 1970s fashion trends.

-- Biting my tongue. Sorry, but it hurts when I do that, and I donít like pain. And since I eat, itís a real concern.

-- Being hit by a meteorite. Seriously, now that Iíve mentioned it, itís got you thinking.

-- East Carolina football. Really, you lose to Tulane. Itís Tulane for heavenís sake. (Sorry, this one is going to stick with me for a while.)

-- The fear that I will get cheese on my hamburger when I specifically tell them ďno cheeseĒ when I order.

-- That the Geico commercial with the camel announcing his thrill at Wednesday being hump day suddenly becomes less funny.

After all this, maybe I need a week designated to bring attention to all my concerns. The only thing is youíll have to talk like a pirate while eating a doughnut at the same time. 

Ken Buday is the editor and general manager of the Havelock News. He can be reached at 444-1999 or at