Every time a mayor of a city steps down, he is remembered for something he did during his term in office.

Every time a mayor of a city steps down, he is remembered for something he did during his term in office. The thing this mayor is going to remind me of is the statement ďA good child plays ball.Ē

In my opinion, this retirement town is full of past and present young men who gave 20 years of their lives in a contract promising to follow orders to fight and move their families from state to state, sometimes on short notice. It wasnít easy for his family to sit at home worrying about the possibility that two men in uniform would come to the door with bad news instead of the father returning. The children suffered because of the constant moves from school to school, which was hard on their education.

Now, having retired here, the city is telling the retired man he has to protect the very back of Cherry Point from any developer that would build homes there unless we pay higher and higher taxes for building a ballpark there. [Editorís Note: The city has not said a tax increase is associated with the new Lewis Farm Road park.]

The Marine Corps does not need our protection. They exist to protect all of America, and that is done by a good child who signed up, not only his own life but his familyís life. Yes, they have the use of Cherry Point for their medical needs, but should they have to pay for what our Board of Commissioners dream up? Is that what faithful service earned him?

Iím hoping this 2013 election gives this town a future for the retirees and those still serving military families.

When in 1962 we were sent here, this town was a nice town that now has changed into a city that grows and grows. That is what happens every year. So, six people sit on a board who spend our taxes on tourist areas and ballparks for people who donít even live here. Has anyone every reminded them that they work for us? We put them there.

Now this board is moving the railroad station and Trader Store from the honest historical area to a new historical area. How can an area be historical when itís put together in 2013?

Has Havelock not gotten larger in the past without us people paying for it with our dreams of our golden years sitting back and watching our offspring grow and planning for their futures?

We voted them in to keep us safe financially, not to dream up a faster growth of a town that has two words that come up at most of their meetings: grant application. Should we change the name Havelock to Grant City?

There is more to North Carolina than us. There are areas that need that money more than we do, so give them a chance. This board dreams up stuff and puts it into action. What is really going to be the financial downfall of Havelock is if the base in some future does close. Out west, there are towns with a few visitors who come to see what was happening in the gold rush and now are falling apart abandoned.

I personally lived through World War II, became a Marine wife, moved from a huge city to a small Marine base in California to Havelock and a medium-size base that has been totally rebuilt since 1962. And I watch now a board of six people trying to put this town on the map for tourists. What do they put in the coffee during the meetings? What will be will be, so please letís stop them by going out to vote in November like we have never done before. Men dream, but God rules, so letís tell our board. We need new minds in there. Letís get together and face facts.

Inga DeRoche, Havelock