Iím glad Colorado voters recalled two state legislators who voted a gun-control agenda with which their constituencies didnít agree.

Iím glad Colorado voters recalled two state legislators who voted a gun-control agenda with which their constituencies didnít agree. It was the first time in the stateís history that happened, which speaks volumes about how fed up the public is getting with legislative activism.

Iíve never been one to wave around the Second Amendment, figuring our whole Constitution pretty much protected us as it was intended to do. But because the current administration shows zero respect for the parts of it they donít like, I feel I should regularly check my hole-cards knowing this crowd will deal from a stacked deck given any opportunity.

I generally donít do groups and dislike organized and scripted events, name-tags and speakers. So considering my avoidance of anything smacking of membership, secret handshakes or titles, I was loath to voluntarily sign up for something this week. Maybe I did it for the wrong reasons, but theyíre my reasons and this is still America.

So Iím now a card-carrying member of the National Rifle Association. I went to their website, gave them my name etcetera and paid $25 dues. Iím not especially interested in receiving magazines or in participating in petition efforts directed toward legislators.

Iím not a ďgun activistĒ in the political sense of the term, but I simply decided to cast a small personal ballot in favor of gun ownership rights granted under our Constitution; hence, I and my Visa card joined up. I admit that Obamaís dislike for the organization was a tiny extra perk of membership.

Donít think I want everybody to rush out and buy guns. I donít and couldnít care less who chooses to exercise his or her ownership rights. But I want the right preserved.

I donít agree with everything the NRA opposes. I have no problem with sound and solid background checks and donít even have a big problem with reasonable waiting periods.

What I do have a problem with is the present incarnation of our government. Until another administration comes along that will truly ďprotect and defend the Constitution ÖĒ we canít rely upon good faith and equal execution of laws.

Many liberals would have you believe guns to be the cause of gun violence, blaming the hardware rather than the software. By such convoluted logic, hypodermic needles cause drug addiction.

But logic has very little to do with their politics. Whenever some gangsta idiot with a gun does something idiotic, the left calls out Samuel Colt but leaves Lil Wayne completely alone. Thereís no way rational minds canít correlate cultures with actions.

Oppressively strict gun controls keep weapons out of the hands of law-abiding citizens but donít impact criminals. Ask someone from Chicago how ultra-tight gun laws work for them.

So for the present, I support the NRAís efforts to block any truncation of my rights under the Second Amendment. When a trustworthy administration regains power, Iíll likely quit and save my 25-bucks annual dues.

Meanwhile the rabid left will continue to preach that umbrellas cause rain.

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