I just read Mayor Sanders’ reply in his letter to the editor (July 25).

I just read Mayor Sanders’ reply in his letter to the editor (July 25). Even though I no longer reside in Havelock, I follow us daily in the Havelock News. Havelock is still my home.

I have known Jimmy Sanders for over four decades, both professionally and personally. I have never found a more assiduous gentleman in my life than him. He is quietly professional, rarely taking credit for all the hours he spends for our Havelock, our base, our little part of the world.

Does he make mistakes? Sure, we all make mistakes. As Mark Twain once said, "Humans are the only animal species that blush — or need to."

However, Mayor Sanders always puts our community first, first in our children, first in our military, first in the betterment of our living.

Now, our town is being split in two by those politicians in Raleigh who want to get to their beach cottages a few minutes faster. Neither Mayor Sanders nor anyone else east of I-95 can stop them. The really dumb part is that they could have built a four-lane super slab off I-40 to come behind Jacksonville and hook up with routes 24 and 58 at the Intracoastal Waterway bridge, far less cost, far less interference in small towns such as ours. Mayor Sanders suggested that years ago. No one in Raleigh was, or still is, listening.

As my beautiful wife’s ancestors would say, "Walk a mile in my moccasins before you speak with a forked tongue."

Should he continue as our mayor? That is up to "We the People" of our Havelock. However, the next mayor, whoever she or he may be, has a very large pair of shoes to fill along with a very high pedestal to climb to reach both the professional and personal level of Jimmy Sanders.

Personally, I thank him for being my rock, my co-worker and my very wonderful friend.

Michael P. Hudson, Winterville