Here we go again.

Here we go again. Our mayor, who has served too long as it is, again is insulting the people of Havelock as he did a while back when an offer of property was made for a veterans cemetery. If you remember, the mayor felt it was not right for the board to endorse it because of how the people would handle it. So, he insulted the veterans and the civilians.

Now, he feels he is the only one who is qualified to hold the office of mayor to carry on with the expensive humbug the city has planned to spend our taxes on ó like again moving the railroad station down to the new historical area [by Slocum Creek] away from the true historical area. Is he planning to make sure the $20,000 swamp campground gets completed and the park in Carolina Pines that the people living there and making a sport possible to enjoy without having anything to do with balls (riding horses as a family group.)?

The mayor was honest in telling us it would need two police officers and one additional public works employee. And today, only a few months later, the city moans about having to cut down on city employees even though they must up our expenses with garbage fees.

If anyone sees where another four years with him in that office will take Havelock, please discuss with your family what you can offer by going out to run for office, or at least, vote.

Iím not overly religious, but my praying will be repeated again and again for a qualified mayor for a brighter future for Havelock.

Inga DeRoche, Havelock