Havelockís mayor said he would be running for re-election, but two city commissioners are being noncommittal about their political futures.

Havelockís mayor said he would be running for re-election, but two city commissioners are being noncommittal about their political futures.

Filing for Havelockís municipal elections this fall opens on Monday.

Up for grabs in the election is the mayorís seat as well as two commissioner seats currently held by Will Lewis and Jim Stuart.

Sanders said Monday that he would file for re-election.

"There are a lot of projects going on, and itís a really important time in Havelockís history and in our future," Sanders said. "Weíve got the sewer plant. Weíve got the new city hall. Weíve got absolute uncertainty in Washington. I have served on the (Allies for Cherry Pointís Tomorrow) committee for many years and I really would like to have the opportunity to continue to work on those issues.

"Hopefully over the years we have created some excellent working relationships with our congressional delegation, and I just think that it would be helpful if I was still in the mayorís position. I think I can be helpful, and the voters will let me know in November."

Sanders said he is comfortable in the position of mayor.

"It took me a long time to be comfortable in my skin, but yeah, Iím pretty comfortable with it," he said. "I have lots of relationships that have been developed over the years with other communities across the state. I would like to have the opportunity to do it a little longer."

Sanders won re-election in 2009 by just 13 votes over challenger Chuck Bernard.

Stuart said he was leaning against another run as commissioner. Stuart, who has served for eight consecutive years, said he believed in term limits for city board members.

"I would say I am very much undecided right now, but Iím leaning towards no," Stuart said in an email to the Havelock News. "I think eight years is enough for anybody and thatís why I am considering not running.

"If an individual is still passionate about serving after a lengthy tenure, lay out for two years and then run again."

Stuart hinted that he may be interested in being a Craven County Commissioner in the future.

"The latter does not rule out a county commissioner run in the future," he said. "I think term limits should apply to them as well and certainly donít think it healthy for the system that someone runs unopposed."

Lewis, a board member for eight years, said he was undecided about running for a third term as commissioner.

"I kind of go back and forth," he said. "One day I think that Iím doing something good and I can keep at it and other days it can be such a frustrating process that sometimes I think it would be nice not to have to worry about it all."

Lewis recently closed his contracting business to stay at home with his twin 4-year-old girls. He said not running would allow him more time with his family and open the door for someone new on the board.

"It makes it a little bit easier for someone to get on the board if they donít have to defeat someone to get on," he said.

Election filing is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Monday at the Board of Elections Office in the Craven County Administrative Building at 406 Craven St., in New Bern. The filing period closes at noon on July 19.

Prospective candidates must pay a $5 cash filing fee. Candidates are required to complete a notice of candidacy and organize their committees. They have to be registered to vote and have to live in the district in which they file for office.

Havelockís city election is scheduled for Nov. 5. The voter registration deadline is Oct. 11.

For more information, call the elections board at 636-6610.

email craven.boe@ncsbe.gov or go online to the board website at www.cravencounty.com/departments/elc.cfm.