There is no offseason for Havelock High standout running back Derrell Scott.

There is no offseason for Havelock High standout running back Derrell Scott.

This month alone, Scott has competed in the camp in Charlotte and the Nike Camp in Ashburn, Va., this past weekend in hopes of being selected to either the Under Armour or Army All-American Game.

"It doesnít matter to me which game I get picked for. I just want to be able play in one of them," Scott said. "Competing in these camps lets me get to see different kids from across the country that I wouldnít see around here or in Charlotte."

Scott has been ranked as the No. 1 all-purpose running back in the nation by recruiting website

He holds scholarship offers from traditional college football powerhouses like Miami, Florida State, South Carolina, Ohio State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Clemson and Georgia Tech, as well as state schools such as East Carolina, North Carolina, N.C. State and Duke.

"It feels great to be able to have all of these scholarship offers, but Iím not going to let it get to my head, and no matter how many I get, Iím going to keep working like I donít have any," Scott said.

Scott (5-foot-11, 183 pounds) is Havelockís all-time career rushing leader with 4,249 yards. In Havelockís last two seasons, he has a combined 58 touchdowns.

Last season as a junior, Scott compiled 1,709 yards on 199 carries for an average of 8.6 yards per carry.

Havelock coach Jim Bob Bryant believes either all-star game would be remiss if Scott isnít selected.

"Heís just the total package of a running back," he said. "He has speed, quickness, great vision, strength, everything that you would want. He can make plays all over the field. They should take him as an athlete if nothing else."

Through it all Ė a hotly contested recruiting war, football camps and a near-religious workout regimen Ė Scott keeps a cool head and positive attitude.

"I feel like I have done really well at all of the camps I have gone to," he said. "I got to participate in a lot of drills against really good players and learn a lot from many different coaches."