Jeanette Haynes calls herself a reader, and she wants to help others enjoy a good book just as much as she does.

Jeanette Haynes calls herself a reader, and she wants to help others enjoy a good book just as much as she does.

"The library when I was growing up was my second home," she said.

Haynes is participating in the annual World Book Night giveaway scheduled from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Tuesday at the Havelock-Craven County Public Library.

As part of the event, Haynes will be giving away copies of the book "Devil in a Blue Dress" by Walter Mosley. It is the first in a series of Mosley books that follow Easy Rawlins, a young black veteran who loses his job in the late 1940s in Southern California. As a last resort, he takes up an offer to find a beautiful French woman who was last seen with a gangster. The search takes Rawlins through the underbelly of some of the meanest streets in Los Angeles.

Haynes said the World Book Night giveaway started just three years ago and has spread to include Ireland, England, Germany and the United States. She said that last year 80,000 volunteers gave away 2.5 million books.

"The goal is to give books away to people who donít normally read, to get them involved and to get them to enjoy reading," she said. "Itís not that they canít read. Itís just that no one ever encouraged it. Itís reading for fun and for education."

Haynes said she learned about the project online last year from a friend and applied through World Book Night, which supplies the books free to the volunteers.

"The books are printed especially for the give-away," she said. "The authors, publishers, UPS, Barnes and Noble, everyone agrees to donate their fees and give up their royalties. Everything is just given to help people read."

Haynes gave away books last year at the Cherry Point library.

"Some would ask if I was selling them and how much they cost," she said of last yearís give-away. "I would say they were free, and they would just want to know a little about the book, or maybe they had heard of the author, and they wanted to read it."

World Book Night is held every April 23, which is the birthday of famous playwright William Shakespeare.

Haynes said about 500,000 books are expected to be given away by about 25,000 volunteers in the United States alone as part of World Book Night.

"Surveys show that people who read are more employable," Haynes said. "People who read volunteer more, get out more and are more involved in their communities."

For more information on World Book Night, go online to the organization website at

For more information about World Book Night at the Havelock library, call the library at 447-7509.