Forget the blame game as it relates to the pending sequestration.

Forget the blame game as it relates to the pending sequestration. That is being debated and will continue to be.

Itís another game that has led the nation to where we are today. Itís the game of politics ó but in this game, there are no winners.

Congressional leaders, President Barack Obama and his administration have yet to see that. They canít win, yet they continue to play the game believing they will emerge as the winners, with the other side coming out as losers.

Well, there are a lot of losers in this game, and itís not the Democrats or the Republicans. The losers in this game are the hundreds of thousands of civilian Department of Defense workers across the nation, including about 5,000 right here at Cherry Point. Whatís sad is that they never agreed to play the game.

They are people who simply get up in the morning and go to work, not only with the idea of helping provide for themselves and their families but also with a bit of pride, knowing the jobs they do help this country defend itself.

These people make up the fabric of Havelock, that beautiful piece of cloth that contains all types of people, from veterans and those who were here when Cherry Point began in 1941 ó drawn to the area by the prospect of jobs as the country recovered from the Great Depression ó to the future generation of engineers and workers who went to college to learn a skill and found the best place to apply that skill at Cherry Point.

These are the people of sequestration. They are your neighbors and your friends, and they will have to rebudget their money and face the hardships of a possible 20 percent cut in pay for 22 weeks. They will have to give up movie nights, dinners out, and even family vacations. Their retirement accounts and college accounts for their children will be affected.

Some may view sequestration as simply a battle between Democrats and Republicans over money, spending and budgets. They would be wrong. Sequestration is about the people, the people right here in Havelock.