After reading an opinion letter in todayís (Feb. 7) Havelock News, I feel so good that finally someone besides just me has the guts to speak up.

After reading an opinion letter in todayís (Feb. 7) Havelock News, I feel so good that finally someone besides just me has the guts to speak up about how our mayor and commissioners spend our tax money that they also can collect at higher sums when they overspend.

I have a very close friend who retired as a Marine Corps officer from Cherry Point and returned to his home state many years ago to become the city manager. He returns to Havelock often as he still has many friends here. I have sent him the Havelock News for years and still do and intend to continue forever.

I called him to ask him some questions about the job of the mayor and commissioners, and he gave me the following information: You citizens vote them in trusting them to do the best they know how. Then they are sworn in to do just that. Next, the meetings started with a prayer asking God to guide them. But that has now by law turned into a silent moment, so who knows what who prays for, if anything.

The mayor is then expected to be familiar with Robertís Rules of Order, as should your mayor by now know. In major spending, they should be required to hold a public hearing, and the majority rules as they have been duly notified about the date and reason. We have the Havelock News and that is where the city should advertise. If taxpayers feel this is not what happens in Havelock, simply pay more attention and start getting involved. They can start acting like school bullies and spending the money as they please, where they please, and it is the citizensí fault because they stay back and let them do it.

So when I read the letter Margaret Lewis wrote, I felt better because now Iím no longer the only one who cares about our children and seniors and the good of our city.

In about 18 months, we vote for a mayor and the next vote for commissioners, and it is open for entry. Get active. If you care, consider signing up for a spot on the board, and with a caring board, the city will soon fall back to being a friendly, caring place ó caring for us who live here. And all ages will be considered when the board spends our hard-earned money. If you canít run for office, please vote. Remember that your vote will count.

The mayor we have now has repeatedly stated that a good child plays ball. That really irritates a lot of us. If the mayorís family gave birth to a child who for medical reasons couldnít play ball, would you state that that one is no good?

God gave us humans brains brighter than the animals and it is up to us to use them. God helps those who help themselves, so letís remember we are not a herd of sheep. Please letís follow our own feelings and speak up to support those who do.

Inga DeRoche, Havelock

Editorís note: The Havelock Board of Commissioners held meetings in December and January in which residents could speak about the proposed expenditure of money for the Lewis Farm Road recreational park project. As the Havelock News is a weekly paper, the city is not required by state law to place advertisements for public hearings or meetings in the Havelock News.