Normally a news event or story germinates in my brain, springing forth this little column.

Normally a news event or story germinates in my brain, springing forth this little column. Well last week there was no germination, only fermentation. The recent tax posturing rots.

And could the term "fiscal cliff" have been used any more than it was by every talking head who could find a camera or microphone? In fact some interviewed "experts" actually referred to it as the "physical" cliff.

Notwithstanding deficient vocabulary, I think the whole shebang was misnamed from the get-go. A more appropriately descriptive term to banter around shouldíve been the "fiscal quicksand" because we are truly going to sink over our collective noses if President Obama has his way.

Although I canít believe itís true, if heís trying to destroy the country then heís definitely on the right track. Iím in awe of how much damage he was able to inflict during his first term.

I donít care much about the tax increase for higher income folks. Theyíll pay a little more, but I donít see it as a big whoop one way or the other. Truth be told, itís just a single flea on our big economic dog.

The main heartburn most of us had with any increase on anybody was less about adding taxes and more about giving Obama extra money to blow. "Tax and spend" used to just be a campaign slur but is now orthodoxy practiced by the administration with religious fervor.

They should establish a church, "Our Lady of Perpetual Bankruptcy." Their collection process would use two deacons at each row ó one to pass the plate and the other to frisk all of the parishioners to make sure theyíre donating "fair" shares.

Amen brother! Letís hear page 14 in the hymnal! "From those who have to those who need, doo-dah, doo-dah."

The other day the president said he refused to have another conflict about raising the national debt. Really?

If arrogance was an explosive, Washington, D.C. would now be a smoking crater. I suppose he believes Americans should willingly allow him to bankrupt the country right before their eyes?

Strangely the evidence points that way, which remains a huge mystery to me. My parents were lifelong and loyal Democrats. I remain a registered Democrat, although I now tend to cringe when admitting to it.

I know the country is full of very smart liberals, so I would truly love to understand where those bright people think weíre headed. Do they honestly intend to keep printing and spending money?

Are they actually seeking a $20-plus trillion debt? Why would they want a weaker dollar? Is there an alternative outcome Iím missing?

Thereís a critical tipping point governed completely by economic realities rather than politics where rising debt runs headlong into a falling currency. Boom!

Thereís no apparent solution that doesnít cut spending, so are we Americans expected to sit by and let the red ink gush? It makes no logical sense to me.

Our trajectory is suicidal, but we seem unwilling to veer off. Moths have the very same problem.

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