Obama and his Democrats are blaming the Republicans for our financial crisis.

Obama and his Democrats are blaming the Republicans for our financial crisis. The Republicans are blaming the White House and the Democrats. All have betrayed our citizens. Let me suggest the following actions to solve this crisis.

All White House and Congress will have their salaries cut 40 percent until our debt is erased. Obama wants to raise the tax on the rich at that level.

Ten percent of the workforce in Washington, government workers, will be laid off or take early retirement. A hiring freeze will be started.

All of Obama’s appointed czars will be eliminated.

All government workers, White House and Congress, will not have their own retirement plan. They will become part of the Social Security plan. This plan will be bankrupt in the short future.

All government workers will not have their own health insurance plan. They must become a member of Obama’s medical plan. Medicare and Medicaid will be bankrupt in the short future.

All White House Hollywood entertainers will not perform for Obama monthly and at all. If you want them, Obama, you pay for them and not our taxpayers.

Due to this crisis, all vacations and trips will be paid for by our elected, and not the taxpayers.

The United Nations will be given one year to relocate outside the U.S. The U.S. rate of financial support will be the same as any other country. We will stop paying 40 percent of the budget.

All of our elected will have their housing subsidy stopped. Taxpayers will not help our elected with their housing costs in D.C.

All welfare, food stamps, housing aid and entitlement aid will cease immediately. Obama care will be put on hold until our national debt of $15 trillion is erased.

This is harsh action. An emergency demands swift and extreme action. An emergency demands everyone, not just the rich, sacrifice.

Obama and Congress, I challenge you to be the first in your sacrifice. Stop running your mouths and blaming each other. All of you created this mess.

Frank Owen, Grantsboro