By now, everyone who follows Havelock High football knows running back Derrell Scott.

By now, everyone who follows Havelock High football knows running back Derrell Scott ó or do they?

They may know the name, but Iím not sure they know the person.

Itís not hard to know the name. You see it everywhere. Heís in the paper all the time. Heís on the television highlight shows. Heís in all the recruiting magazines and on all the college websites.

And deservedly so. First off, Scott is fast. He leaves would-be tacklers gasping for air trying to catch him.

Heís also tough. He can run through defenders much the way players run through that paper banner held up by the cheerleaders before the start of every game.

He set Havelock Highís single-season rushing record last year with 1,791 yards and scored 21 touchdowns.

Just last week against D.H. Conley, he broke a 33-year-old school record with a 96-yard touchdown.

Not only is he a star on the football field, but Scott shines in the classroom as well. He is a constant on the schoolís honor roll list.

Itís no wonder he has every major college football program seeking his services.

But in todayís world of showoff touchdown dances and athlete demands for special treatment, Scott is a breath of fresh air, a humble player who doesnít like to talk about himself and seems almost embarrassed at all this attention he is getting.

"If you talk to him, heíll be the first one to tell you that it wasnít him, that it was his offensive line and receivers blocking for him in the secondary," Havelock coach Jim Bob Bryant told me after Fridayís game against D.H. Conley.

So I went to Scott and asked him about his long touchdown run. He pointed out that all he had to do was run. The real work was done by those blocking for him.

"My offensive line just made it happen for me," Scott said. "I just ran to the outside and tried to make somebody miss and run as fast as I can."

He scored four touchdowns and ran for 205 yards but again took little credit for the victory over previously unbeaten D.H. Conley.

"It was a great team win against a very good football team," he said.

And so what about this speed, combined with the ability to fake out defenders and run through tacklers.

"Iím just blessed and thankful that the Lord gave me the ability to do that," Scott said.

And donít forget, Scott is just a junior. He still has another season after this one with the Rams.

"Heís a special player," Bryant said of Scott. "A kid like him comes along once in a lifetime."


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