We think this is change for the better

Change has become somewhat of a dubious word as it gets tossed around the campaign trail during this presidential election, sometimes as a punchline.

But change has come to the Havelock News this week, specifically our website at www.havenews.com, and we believe this change is for the better.

Our website now has a new look. The reason has to do with the purchase of the Havelock News by Halifax Media in June.

You see, our website had been hosted by our former bosses at Freedom Communications, but when they sold us, they sold the website as well, which meant our former company would no longer host the site.

With our move to Halifax, we got together with our web people and our new bosses at Halifax media. If we’re losing our website host anyway, let’s work to make the website better as we switch. In other words, this is not change just for change’s sake.

One thing that is not changing is our url or website address. It will remain the same at www.havenews.com.

You may have already noticed that our email addresses have changed, though. Our general email inbox is now havenews@havenews.com. We’re hoping it’s easy to remember.

But as for the website, it has a different look, with what we call a spotlight rotator section at the top of the page. That section will include the top stories of the day.

Below that section on the site are various other subsections for local news, sports and community news and features.

We believe the site has a better look. We think it’s cleaner. Beyond that, the site is easier to navigate in that users should find getting from one section to another or from one story to another a little easier.

Behind the scenes, our web technical staff has been working almost non-stop for two months on these changes. They’ve been doing a lot of programming and site design work.

The staff here at the Havelock News has undergone four weeks of training on new software that allows us to put content on the site.

Having said that, we do expect some glitches along the way. One of the most notable is an initial lack of archived stories. After all, www.havenews.com has been around for a decade, and reloading all that content back into a server will take some time, perhaps a couple of weeks.

Still, we want to hear from you should you run into problems on the website. After all, you may discover a problem of which our tech people have no knowledge. Feel free to email us at havenews@havenews.com or call us at 444-1999 to let us know.

This will be a work in progress, so contact us at anytime, and we’ll get you answers to your questions, and work to fix problems and minimize others.

Thanks for reading the Havelock News and www.havenews.com.