How long should one be mayor before discovering a $62M outlay for anything (and via visitors from Indianapolis!). -- H. Parham, Wilmington

CO2 is a pollutant when man produces more of it than the environment can absorb, which is what is happening. -- Ken Hudson, Wilmington

We seldom have a soft, gentle rain in Southeastern North Carolina. -- Richard Gnall, Wilmington

It seems liberals will support all regulations as long as they see them as "moral." No matter how burdensome. -- Kevin Brady, Wilmington

The greatest impact of missile attack against Syria may be to distract attention from Trump's war against American middle class. -- Joe Smith, Wilmington

Remember America's debt? Trump’s Florida trips ($3 million+ each), 59 tomahawk missiles to Syria ($1.4 million each). -- Steve Mundy, Supply

Did Trump forget hospitals of Aleppo being bombed by Syria/Russia? Over half a million people have died in Syria. -- Russ Wilber, Wilmington

As we read this, Congress would still be debating if we should sanction Syria. President Trump acted swiftly and decisively. -- Tom Conaty, Southport

Milton Friedman said America had free immigration to jobs through Ellis Island before 1914. Now there is immigration to welfare. -- Scott McKinnon, Wilmington

US/Syria intervention. As usual, U.S. does dirty work to help innocent while other country leaders (?) procrastinate. Useless UN. -- Tom Griffin, Hampstead

To 4/6 Buzzer: Of course business losses are tax deductible! Stop counting Trump’s money and earn your own! -- Jeff Mueller, Wilmington

You do know Obama asked for permission to intervene in the Assad regime in 2013 and the GOP voted no. Right? -- Fred Allen, Leland

Contacted four companies for concrete work. No luck on any. Is Wilmington's economy so strong nobody needs the work? -- Mike Mattingly, Leland

One can only hope that Trump’s romance with Putin has ended. -- Bert Kuthe, Ocean Isle Beach

Judge Gorsuch confirmed. Great news to those who believe in Constitution as written; not as some would want it to be. -- Charlie Backes, Wilmington

Thank you, 54 senators.. 5 to 4 on Supreme Court. Take that, liberals! -- Ken Denne, Wilmington