President Obama said farewell for an hour last week.

President Obama said farewell for an hour last week. I simply can’t watch him but did mentally wave him a joyous goodbye. To say I’m relieved the curtain is finally coming down on this ridiculous leftist spasm in American history is a massive understatement.

The most accurate assessment of my feelings is “euphoric.” Obama is leaving to my thunderous applause. I hope he’ll simply channel Douglas McArthur and just fade away but know that’s wistful thinking.

But whatever he chooses to do outside of government, I won’t complain. As long as his hand is off the steering wheel, I’m satisfied. And counter intuitively, I’m very thankful for him.

Over the past few years, I’d pretty much resigned myself to the reality that our country had apparently bought a ticket on the socialist train that would eventually run off the cliff, the normal destination of socialism. Sadly, I didn’t believe there was much that could be done to derail such a tragic turn of history.

I figured I’d just have to live with it and was thankful my life had spanned through the very best parts of our country. But as it turned out, Obama solved the problem for me, and so I’m very appreciative for his overreaches.

He “solved” my dilemma for me because rather than feeding us his socialist agenda in little spoonfuls that we might digest, he chose to arrogantly shove big chunks of “Hope and Change” nonsense down our throats until we gagged. And gag we did in a huge way.

The people had silently reached their limit, and in November, were silent no more. We regurgitated enough Democrats from government to give conservatives control of the whole train. We’ve now punched their tickets and they’ll be taking the ride.

It’s cosmic irony that the arrogance of Democrats did in fact foster their defeat. Of course they had the help of a massively flawed candidate. In fact, had anybody else carried their banner, the outcome could’ve been much different. So in that regards, we also owe Hillary Clinton a huge “thank you” for being Hillary Clinton.

This last week Trump’s cabinet choices have begun the vetting process. From where I sit I can’t imagine them not being confirmed, even after the liberal posturing about issues they had no interest in until they lost.

Will wonders never cease? I’ve given an appreciative shout-out to Obama and Clinton, but my list of Democrat benefactors wouldn’t be complete without Harry Reid. He was warned when he abandoned the Senate requirement of 60 votes to cut off debate and invoked the “nuclear option” requiring simple majority, that it could come back to bite him.

In a marvelous example of cosmic karma, Trump now has a clear simple-majority road to confirmation of his cabinet appointees. It wouldn’t have happened without Harry’s myopia, so I thank him profusely.

A surprising final bright spot last week was Michelle Obama. I saw an interview with her in which she pledged total and complete cooperation with the incoming First Lady. She was clear and sincere and my prior negative perceptions of her took a hit.

She was totally a class act, so perhaps I owe her an apology. It was nice to learn something new.

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