No longer mayor, Sanders to remain part of Havelock

Published: Monday, December 9, 2013 at 08:57 AM.

“Jimmy, Ray and I said well, ‘we need it,’ so the three of us went to the bank and borrowed the money and bought the truck and delivered it to the fire department,” Sermons said. “Everybody thought it was great, and that’s why we started having the Old Fashioned Fourth, to raise money, and we did and paid the loan off.”

For Sanders, it was typical of his passion for the city.

“What’s not to love about Havelock? It is a great place,” he said. “We’re so blessed. We’re in Eastern North Carolina, which I think is a great place to live. We’re close to the beaches, but we’re not on the beach. We have low crime. We have good schools. We have great programs for kids. We have good churches and good folks. We’re a community that accepts everybody. We are an inclusive community. If you want to come to Havelock, we’re not going to ask one question about who you were before you got here. All we really care about is who you are from this day forward.”

Richard Rice served with Sanders on the Havelock Board of Commissioners.

 “From the time he has been on the rescue squad, he, his father, his brother, started it and worked hard on it,” Rice said. “He’s been very active for the city of Havelock. I don’t know how you replace him today because I don’t know anybody else that comes close to him. He’s been very interested in the city and worked hard for the city in every way that I can think of. On the board, he was very dedicated, hard-working and sincere. He and I didn’t always agree. Everything that he’s ever done has been for the good of Havelock.”

Havelock Commissioner Danny Walsh has served while Sanders has been mayor for the last eight years. But it’s not the politics that Walsh admires most. He recalls the days when Sanders and his wife Cherrie worked together on the fire and rescue department.

“He and his wife rode the ambulance every night. They put out the fires at your homes. They carried your family to the hospital or from car wrecks to the hospital,” Walsh said. “ … To go to all those wrecks has got to take a toll on a person. Jimmy and his wife did that very night. The things that he did out of politics, to me, are what make the man who he is.”

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