More dead fish show up in Neuse River

Published: Monday, August 12, 2013 at 03:35 PM.

He said the problems are all rooted in pollution, adding that the dead menhaden add to the problem since they are essentially one of the solutions to excess nutrients.

“The menhaden are a very valuable fish because they help export nutrients out of our waters,” he said.

The larvae are laid in the ocean and wash into the estuaries through the tides and winds.

“These little fish then begin to eat algae, which is where all the nutrients are stored,” he said.

The young menhaden are laden with nutrient-rich body weight and when massive numbers die, the nutrients are recycled back into the river.

“We don’t get the exportation of the nutrients out of the system as nature had intended,” he said. “The more fish kills, the worse the river gets with nutrients because we are losing one of nature’s ways of cleaning itself.”  

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