Marines ready to get the job done in Afghanistan

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Corpsman Jason Ravago holds his daughter, Sophia, 3, as his wife Joanna takes their picture on Saturday. Ravago deployed to Afghanistan on Saturday with about 100 other Marines of Marine Wing Support Squadron 271 at Cherry Point.

Drew C. Wilson/Havelock News
Published: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 01:26 PM.

Maj. Erik Aubel said he is not sure how long Americans will be in Afghanistan, but one thing is for sure, his Marine Wing Support Squadron 271 will be ready to deploy again and again no matter where the hot spot is.

"Marines train to deploy. That’s what our job is," said Aubel, detachment commander. "So whether or not it’s the end to Afghanistan, that’s way above our pay grade to say, so all we’re worried about is this deployment, these seven months and doing the best job that we can."

Aubel left as leader of a group of more than 100 Marines from MWSS-271 bound for Afghanistan on Saturday morning.

"I think every deployment we go to we never expect it to be the last one because once Afghanistan was done there was Iraq before that," Aubel said. "There was northern Africa before that. Africa is heating up. Syria’s going crazy. North Korea’s out there. There’s a whole bunch of countries where there’s weird stuff going on. Hugo Chavez passed away last week. Who knows what’s happening down there. We may be down in the Caribbean doing stuff. The war on drugs is never won.

"Who knows what else is going on, so Marines are always ready for the next deployment. We don’t worry about this one being the last one because we know that there’s always going to be more."

Aubel said goodbye to his wife and three children before leaving the base.

"The big thing today is saying goodbye to the families and getting on the road and heading over the Afghanistan to accomplish the mission," Aubel said. "It’s always the hardest part, saying goodbye to your kids and saying goodbye to your wife and of course making sure we’ve done everything for them we can before we leave because once we get over there, we’re not going to be able to help out that much."

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