Sewer expansion paved the way for future

Published: Friday, January 3, 2014 at 02:49 PM.
Perhaps the city most ambitious project calls for a major recreational park along Slocum Creek off Church Road.
The city plans to make use of the water access to the creek with kayak launches walking trails, picnic tables, interpretive signs, a walking bridge over the creek to the Havelock Tourist and Event Center.
“That will be a center of place for us in Havelock and we really got a lot of traction on that in 2013,” said Will Lewis, Havelock’s new mayor. “... We’re getting a lot of traction with funding and partnerships, and of course we’ve gotten it out to the public so that everybody knows and we’re getting some community buy-in and we’re getting some local city groups who have said that they want to participate now that they understand what the project is. That’s going to be a longterm project, so we’ll be working on that for the next several years.”
Most of that land for the park has been acquired by grants with very little expense to Havelock.
“It’s going to change Havelock. It’s going to be one of those places that 20 years from now your kids or your grandkids are going to take that for granted, that this waterfront park, this water access, this kayaking facility were always in Havelock and they won’t realize how much work and effort went into making it possible to be there,” Sanders said.
Long-range plans call for the historic Trader Store and nearby World War II train depot to be moved to the new park.
The city sought to fill what it called a need for recreation space by going through the Coastal Land Trust and the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund to develop a 47-acre park off Lewis Farm Road near Carolina Pines. Though area residents protested over concerns of increased traffic and quality-of-life issues in the quiet area, the city said the need for recreation fields was great and that both county and city residents would use the park.

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