Local biscuit maker ready for bake-off

Published: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 07:57 PM.

“There are little technical things you can do that change the flavor,” Purcell pointed out. One hint he offered was that his workers hold the rolling pin underhanded instead of overhanded, thus placing less pressure on the dough and helping keep the final product fluffy.

Stallion said that biscuit-making greatness is a matter of heart.

“We make ‘em with love, first of all,” she explained. “We have our guests in mind when we make them. Our guests:what do they think when they eat their biscuit?”

What they think, both women hope, is home cooking.

“I love doing it,” Stallion said. 

And working in a fast-food restaurant chain? “I like the atmosphere,” she said. 

Marshall added, “I like the teamwork, the camaraderie.” 

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