Working on trimming some of the fat

Published: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 03:49 PM.

Such "Yin-Yang" requirement of the universe is unavoidable but is sidestepped with the addition of touchy-feely dust. The logic is: Don’t keep score and give everybody a trophy. Nonsense.

Let’s face it. Kids today would rather play games on the couch than outside. Kids prefer texting over running down the street to talk to a friend.

I don’t condemn them. If these gadgets and games had existed when I grew up, I would’ve fluffed up pillows and sat right with them in front of glowing screens.

If the problem lives within technology, perhaps so does one of the solutions. Tom Hanks’ character in the movie "Big" played piano by jumping from note to note on a huge keyboard.

Why can’t Apple build similar big computer keyboards to lie on the floor? If kids had to jump from letter to letter instead of moving two thumbs, there’s no telling how many stripes would fall off their pajamas.

However, the most insidious threat to kids isn’t peanut butter and jelly. Waistlines are important but brains are much more so.

I watched Chicago teachers ranting in front of cameras about how much they’re needed in classrooms and how important students are to them. With all that caring I wonder why their system fails to educate them to grade level by the fourth year or graduate half of them.

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