Those in power deciding if I make 'wrong' choice

Published: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 04:13 PM.

There are traits the president doesn’t like at all, and I seem to exhibit most of them. To wit, I’m a white, heterosexual male conservative who owns guns and plans to get at least one more. I prefer free market capitalism over socialism.

I’m also pretty much an anti-abortion-on-demand guy, although I harbor no religious beliefs on the subject. I just think it grossly disingenuous to get giggly about some types of horrible deaths but not others. Tragedy isn’t age or party specific.

But logic has little to do with this crowd because it’s totally about posturing. I wish what President Obama says could be believed on its face, but that’s impossible.

I know all he utters aren’t lies but sorting out nuggets of truth from his constant sermonizing is all but impossible, sort of like picking fly specks out of black pepper. I simply don’t trust him or any of his mouthpieces.

Obama’s latest political initiative is renewing a ban on assault weapons. It’d be so very nice if we could actually keep random idiots from doing idiotic things by re-tooling machines, but it’s unlikely.

But never let it be said that logic could get in the way of a political hay harvest. He will be going coast to coast on another snake oil tour.

I accept the reality of another four years of imperial presidency spending us into disaster. I’ll be on the shooting range with my new pistol. 

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