There is plenty for which to be thankful

Published: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 01:57 PM.

We just completed a raucous and divisive political campaign that seemed to split our nation in half. Yet tomorrow we gather together in the singularly most accepted holiday among our diverse population — a day to offer thanks for the blessings of our lives and liberties. It is time, however fleeting, set aside to highlight our collective gifts and downplay our differences.

A part of my circle of family and friends will gather tomorrow like millions of my fellow Americans. I am thankful for so many things including:

That raucous political system that is neither for the weak nor the uncommitted and ultimately, whether we agree with the outcomes or not, ensures the people’s will is heard. And for politicians. I’m thankful they want their jobs. Without these dedicated people we have anarchy.

And for our founding fathers that put aside most of their personal desires and risked their "lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor" for the benefit of America’s liberty. For free enterprise. For the rule of informed law vice ignorant opinion.

For the wisdom of our Constitution. For that in America we utter oaths not to a person but to those values of liberty and law enshrined in that timeless document.

For the unique American freedom to be and achieve who and what we want. For the fact that a black man who a mere 160 years ago might have been a slave instead today is our 44th president.

For the spirit of individualism that still thrives in America, even as we collectively come together when required "one nation under God." That our nation’s motto remains "In God We Trust" and that we are still the most freely religious nation on earth.

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