The role of women in combat

Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 07:40 PM.

So stamina and strength limitations will naturally take care of themselves. But there are other concerns that I’m certain were not studied before the combat exclusion rule was eliminated. And these are issues we should be equally, if not more, worried about in mixing men and women in combat.

Like the call of nature. For guys, the world is their urinal. I don’t know how women will handle that one in combat.

And timing. Combat operations are planned in minute detail often down to seconds meaning the difference between life and death. I wonder if Panetta’s studies included the fact that "five minutes" is defined by women to actually mean a half hour.

Which brings us to language. The word "thingy" will be banned from the female infantry soldiers’ lexicon by Department of Defense Order 3824.36. Gals won’t be able to use that word to mean "anything mechanical" any more. Guys use that word only when describing a bra clasp. That’s out.

Same with the word "vulnerable." Women use that word all the time when they describe "opening themselves up" emotionally to another.

First of all, this word will be banned because infantry soldiers should never think of themselves as being vulnerable for any reason. Nor should they be "opening themselves up" for that matter. It’s the enemy that’s vulnerable. And it’s only the enemy that is opened up to be assaulted and utterly destroyed. Period.

Secondly, guys never use the word vulnerable. Unless it’s referring to playing sports without a protective cup.

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