Squirrel attack leaves its mark

Published: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 04:53 PM.

After that day’s hard work, he didn’t return so I guess he finished his harvest.

Interestingly, he’s probably carted away much more than needed for a single nest. His tree pad can’t be that big, so I wondered what he was using the leftovers for.

My mind launched into the imaginary and blasted off as it often does, leaving reality far behind. I considered he might have other, more ambitious plans. I smiled at the thought this guy could be building a squirrel motel!

If true, maybe he’ll try to pilfer one of our solar powered patio decorations. After all, any animal incarnation of Tom Bodett would definitely want to "leave the light on."

I made a mental note to check for neighborhood trees glowing after dark. I also started inventorying our décor lighting. Uh oh, what if he decided he needed a ceiling fan?

As a serious note, we all know Mother Nature has her act together. I bet she’s told local squirrels a hard winter is coming, so this one decided to gut the Gardner’s cushion for an extra cozy nest.

Animals are smart in amazing ways. Before this winter’s forecasts, Skip Waters might consider checking with a New Bern squirrel … or I’ll lend him this one. 

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