Republicans making the wrong move

Published: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 02:09 PM.

I have fingers crossed we’ll spank liberals in the 2014 election. Lordy, I hate to see the country disappear right before my eyes, but it’s being chipped away at an alarming rate.

The latest insanity involves Uncle Sam having a say in who lives on my street. George Orwell must be grinning somewhere.

I’ve been told by a few committed liberals that people like me are finished. They figure they have enough folks eating at the government trough to carry their national ticket on forever.

That may very well be true. Obama has successfully pursued his dependency agenda at every opportunity. I don’t know if an electorate tipping point has actually occurred but nobody can argue that the political teeter-totter is getting heavier and heavier at the socialist end.

It’s sad. The mere fact that Obama is still in office is somber testimony to the power of his huge core coalition of the clueless enhanced by lethargic masses who didn’t even bother to vote.

I don’t want to believe the country is lost but conservatives must use their brains and not get involved in circular firing squads like one estating within that party. The silliness at hand is a ridiculous plan to trade debt ceiling increase for Obama’s healthcare takeover.

That’s a no-brainer stupid fairytale and so unnecessary. Obamacare contains the mechanisms of its own self-destruction, so conservatives should let socialist poison do its work as it always has. The host isn’t immune.

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