Remembering the days of the 'board' of education

Published: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 05:14 PM.

During school days, trash cans were routinely set on fire simply because they contained trash and we contained matches. It got so pervasive, Moses and Calvin began emptying the cans all during the day. Today it would be labeled “attempted arson” on our warrants.

We were always roughhousing in school. Some of it was games, some just playfulness. Nothing was thought about it, but nowadays it’d be assault, pure and simple.

Bobby Thomas could walk on his hands effortlessly. Sometimes in the hall after the bell I’d spot two shoes in the air amid a sea of bobbing heads.

That was just Bobby changing classes. Today for such behavior, he’d likely be fed zombie Ritalin or relegated to counseling to “cure” his topsy-turvy tendencies.

With stuff like this going on you may wonder exactly what wasn’t tolerated. The big no-no was pretty simple: Our teachers didn’t brook material disruptions of their teaching processes.

If a student became an impediment to the class as a whole, teachers typically threw the offending student out. They’d not sacrifice the group so one or two malcontents wouldn’t have their self-esteem dented. Out!

Schools existed only to produce educated kids and did so with flying colors. Against my will and without my cooperation, I graduated high school with a spectacular education because of a wonderful system of empowered teachers.

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